Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Cruise 4 - Day 5 FINAL!!!

OKAY OKAY!! ... I need to breathe just a little bit here, *SIGH* it's ... over!
BUT of course (i promise you its like clockwork) something had to happen.

So let me start this post with a reference to yesterday afternoon.
4:00PM - 3 Mile Run, sweat like i was in an oven.
6:00PM - Dance Practice, we practice LIFTS with all the girls and new choreography.
9:00PM - MORE dance practice for a completely separate thing.
11:30PM - Leave studio to head home (30 minute drive)
12:20AM - ... i think I'm falling asleep, i should be ... I've been going and going for 19hrs

haha yeah ... i snoozed the alarm once, then canceled it ... i was all alone ... i needed to be at the Station at 5:20AM ..... needless to say i packed up the wife, got dressed (btw never have i gotten dressed so quickly in my life, ...realizing now that i forgot my belt, I'm wearing 2 different flip flops and had my shirt inside out until i realized it at the 7:00AM hour ... yeah ... I'm a winner!) anyway ... OFF WE WERE heading to work. The drive consisted of me apologizing to my lovely wife on why i woke up so late and frantic and that she had to *GULP* possibly sleep at the Station .... well ..... she didn't mind (thanx God) anyway Elisha found herself nice spot in the studio to pull together 2 chairs and finish up her beauty rest, while i push and produce the Summer Cruise.
The show went on without a hitch (i seem to say that even if there were glitches) ... i didn't start sweating until the 7:20AM break where Carmen preference the break before going on saying "Krispy, how ya doing? Ya know, uh , Pinky (the pink flamingo everyone and their mother have been trying to find to win NOJ tix and a bunch of Summer Cruise gear) IS IN YOUR OFFICE!!" ... first reaction was "must have misheard ... haven't had my coffee yet. Sure enough ... sitting at the window of my office was none other than the plastic perky Pinky Cortez Tuscadeo, perched ever so neatly facing out the window .... this isn't good .... i have a sleeping wife in the studio, i look like I've been out all night doing God knows what (with miss matched flip flops) and now I'm going to have a herd of loyal JOY FM listeners "Storming the Gates" to nab the ever precious pink flamingo.
8 Oh Clock rolls around and sure enough, there's a commotion outside. 2 couples (4 people) and a pair of friends ... oh and a young, new mother carrying her child (7 people ... well ... 8 if you count the gorgeous baby) were surrounding the Station ... 4 on the South side, 2 on the West, and the young mother standing semi-wide eyed and scared at the front door. My wife being the baby lover she is, lets her in and mingles with the beautiful pair. All of a sudden, like a thunderous roar coming down the hall ..... the pair of friends, rumbled through the offices, down the hall, shouting as if they were Viking soldiers to my office, where not only my wife and the new mother were but also a newly startled and crying baby. The pair captured their prize with a shout of "We are the Champions" and as fast and loud as they came in ... they were gone. I felt as if i wanted to be the valiant night that mounted on horse back to rescue the prize from the Viking soldiers and place it into the delicate hands of the young mother but ... AHH :30 seconds until break!!! .. "HEY DAVE, DAVE!!" .. I frantically shrieked "WHA?" ... "Dude seriously the most hilarious thing just happened ... it was like Braveheart only with Vikings and not all that chivalry stuff ... ya know what it wasn't like Braveheart it was more like .... CLOVERFIELD ... OH AH :10 SECONDS ... LIVE IN 5 ...4...3...2 ..."

OK so i might be a little dramatic in the telling of the story but still ... it was like a mixture of Independance Day, an Indiana Jones movie and maybe some Transformers all played by Viking soldiers ... who were female (did i say that yet .... sorry)

ANYWAY!! Needless to say i think we are on our way to compensating the young mother!!

Today's TO DO LIST:
Morning Cruise Promos (big surprise)
Summer 09 Imaging
Lunch with Jayar?
Chiropractor (dance and lifting all them girls)
Back to the station to double check work
Guitar Practice
Show tonight w/ Eleventyseven, Cool Hand Luke and Sam Robertson


On another Note, flipping thought Galatians this morning ... 5 to be exact. Came across one of the most quote scriptures in Modern Christian society - Galatians 5:1 .. it is for freedom that Christ set us free" ... awesome reassurance ... then read down past to 5:16-18 "So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law" ... simply said (and not to complicate things, we seem to do that alot with scripture that's not meant to be complicating) Paul says "Live by the Spirit*Rom.8:9" ... the Spirit is the "Spirit of Christ" the demeanor, countenance and love of Christ. "and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature" ... simply put - live as a servant of Christ, love all that He loved, give yourself to the least of these .... and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. That;s not hard at all, is it ... no need to confuse yourself with how to "live by the Spirit" .. "Is that according to 1 Corinthians 14?" its not ... its according to Christ ... and his example to LIVE and really LIVE .... try it ... its fun.

until next time

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Cruise 4 - Day 4

ONE MORE DAY!!! .... I'm not going to lie to you. I've been secretly looking forward to Thursday morning, 10:00AM, and here it is! AHH THE SWEET JOYS THAT LIE BEYOND THE 24HR HORIZON!!

BUT .... in the mean time.

This morning was unusually predictable, and by that i mean ... i woke up @ 4:04AM ... wait ... what? but my alarm was set for 4:05AM ..... ohmigosh ... please don't tell me that I'm getting used to waking up at FOUR IN THE MORNING... *sigh* I think, wait no, I KNOW there has to be a law somewhere about waking up before the sun. Morning ritual stays the same though. Yawn*Stretch*Bathroom ... Cat followed me around all morning ... cute .... I still think she's stupid.

Alright gotta get ready. Where's my pants .. oh ok ... got em' ..wallet, check ..cellphone, check ..keys, check ... oh ... man .... forgot my shirt .... wait ... laundry isn't not done, AHH THAT'S WHAT I WAS FORGETTING YESTERDAY! ... hmm only clean shirt ... my black tank top. MAN! ... it's going to be weird in the office today .... I can hear Dan Brodie now " Hey, uh, Kris ... why .... hmm ... are you working out today?" ... oh well.

(short day)
  • Morning Cruise Promos
  • Summer 09 Imaging
  • SC Promo
  • LUNCH WITH ELISHA! - (publix subs ...mmmmmm, don't hate)
  • Dance with Elisha
  • Dance Practice
  • ......sleep, i hope

In spite of the early morning schedule, I've truly had fun these past couple days. It's unfortunate that I can't join the Morning Cruise (Dave, Bill and Carmen) on the Summer Cruise .... but .... still, I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work for a station that not only cares about their listeners, but meets them where they are ... in real life, living life together.

*sniff* ........tear ...cough cough

on a different note ... was reading Matthew this morning ... read this, got chills, and urge you to not only walk out YOUR OWN salvation and walk with God, but also to test EVERYTHING that is taught to you, with Scripture *"For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.:* - Matt 24:24

Just because someone says they're a preacher, teacher, christian ...(insert christian title here) doesn't mean they can teach contradictory to what the scriptures say. Remember the Holy Spirit inspired everything written within the Bible, the Holy Spirit will never inspire anything else that may contradict.

Until Next Time

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Cruise 4 - Day 3

"HONEY!! WAKE UP!!" shouts my lovely wife, from the left side of the bed ... wait ... why is she standing on the bed ... AHHH!! THAT'S A GIANT SPIDER!! ...... that's right, another evening of hopeful sleep interrupted by the likes of 'Spencer the Spider'. Needless to say I did my husbandly duties and vanquished the 8 legged varmint to the outdoors. THEN back to sleep .....

*CALYPSO MUSIC* (i changed my alarm tones) SMACK! ... 5 minutes later *CALYPSO MUSIC* SMACK! ... another 5 minutes .... *CALYPSO MUSIC* - YAWN!*STRETCH ... its 4:15AM ... snoozed button twice .... mmm this morning .. i think I'll take a cold bath to wake up ... first off, that idea alone should prove to some that I'm not thinking too straight. Bad idea ... ya know another bad idea? leaving the bathroom door open so my cat (her name is stu - short for stupid) could join me ... *THUMP* she climbed up on the lip of the tub ... haha thats cute ... shes pawing at the waterrr AHHH OHMIGOSH!! SHE JUST FELL IN THE WATER!!! AND SHES NOT DECLAWED ...... that's right ... my sweet, beautiful, ridiculously curious and stupid (thus her name) cat joined me for me cold bath ... i have scratches on the tummy to prove it. What a way to start the morning.

Woke Elisha up about 10 minutes before having to leave the house. She has to take me in to the Station this morning .. because she needs the car (we only have 1) .. I think she's awake (she didn't hear the commotion of the near death experience i encountered in the bathroom). We arrived safely to our destination, and here i am again 2 bags, an extra set of keys and a mug-o-coffee, trying to open the door ... my wife sat and laughed at how silly i looked ... i do what i can to humor her.

DAY 3 of THE SUMMER CRUISE with THE MORNING CRUISE!! Everything went off without a hitch, a well trained and learn-ed producer such as myself knows how to handle certain situations, especially under pressure ... wait ........ where Chuck Whittakers traffic report .... its not .... in the email ... wait ... THIS IS NOT IT!!! .... i downloaded the wrong file .. what should have been the 6:25AM traffic report to notify our lovely listeners of the goingons of the roadways ... was Willie Nelsons - On The Road Again ...... seriously Kris .... seriously?


Rest of the show was awesome, Franny (Francesca Battestelli) did a great job entertaining the crowd as well as seemingly inviting vacationers from Denver to join her this morning ... wow that's impressive ... and now? It's 10:40AM, Leslie the Latte' Lady has come to my rescue with a delicious brew of Starbucks Breakfast Blend (5th cup) and a "non-frosted" pop tart.

  • Morning Cruise Promos
  • Summer 09 Imaging
  • Producing Music Beds
  • Play catch with Jayar?? (tentative)
  • Worship Practice
  • Cycle with Jacob
  • SYTYCD with the Wife ....... mmmmm best part
Till Next Time Friends,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Cruise 4 - Day 2

Famous words before bed. "ALRIGHT! I can get 7 hrs of sleep tonight ...."

Let's start today blog, last night. It was 9:00PM. I was curled up in bed, with my body pillow and 2 fluffy pillows. Nightstand light was on, just finished another chapter in "Irresistible Revolution" (btw .. great read) .... started ......nodding WHA!! oh .... the cat decided to curl up with me ... and her claws ....... that's .... okay .............. just nodding ........ off .... to ...slleeeeeee *snore* ....... HEY!WHAT!?(startled) ah ok .. Elisha is home from church ... what time is it? 9:35PM ? .. hmm ... just need to sleep ... (hours later, after tossing and turning .... it's 1:42AM) ...... really? its 1:42 in the morning ... and my alarm will wake me up at 4:00AM ... oh never mind ... its 1:43AM now ..... needless to say ... didn't get much sleep last night. No Ninja Pizza Delivery Guys in the dreams but ... i do recall fishing in a superman outfit ... very much like the one i called my "PJ's" when i was a tot.

DAY 2 of The Summer Cruise with The Morning Cruise (the only cruise on radio ... blah blah blah). Today was a little like it should have been yesterday ... like a Circus (and no ... not the Brittany Spears song) Waltzed in to the Station at 5:20AM locked the door behind me ... OH i forgot my Ipod in the car, let me just go get it ... yeeeeeah ... about that ..... turned out my car keys slid off my clip ... in my hands were just my house keys, spare keys to the mail boxes, office keys, a USB Drive, and ... no car keys .... where ... oh .. OH THERE THEY ARE! ... in the front seat (i just laughed at myself ... 5:17AM and im outside "finangling" the driver door to get my defiant keys. Well after about 10 minutes of "ohmigoodness"ing ... i looked up to see the passenger door (my wife's side) was unlocked ... it was the only time i thanked God for a bad habit!! Made my way into the studio, brewed some BOLD coffee, called DBC(remember ... Dave, Bill and Carmen ;)) AND ANOTHER GREAT SUMMER CRUISE SHOW!! Except the balancing act of switching between the ISDN Analog Feed and the TieLine Feed, the buffering of the TieLine, the multiple failed attempts at getting DBC's attention for breaks, and well .... the coffee that i spilt on my hand ... haha but seriously ... great show.

Its not even the end of the show actually, its 9:15AM. I'm sipping and finishing cup #4 of the Starbucks Kenya Bold. Wrap up in about an hour, To Do List looks like:
  • Morning Cruise Promos
  • Find JOY Montage
  • Summer 09 Imaging
  • Lunch with Elisha
  • 4 Mile Run
  • 8 Mile Cycle
  • Dance Practice @ 5:00PM
  • Home @ 9:00PM ........ maybe sleep

oh i hope sleep ..... mmmm.... coma?! TYLENOL PM!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Cruise 4 - Day 1

*BUZZ* interrupted dream, i was fighting off Ninja Pizza Delivery guys, i would have won too if it wasn't for the alarm on my cellphone ... set for 4:00AM ...... WHAT?! 4:00 IN THE MORNING!? ... yes .... FOUR OH CLOCK!

This morning starts the first day of the fourth annual "Summer Cruise" with the Morning Cruise (the only cruise on radio apparently). This year Dove Award Nominee Francessca Battestelli is joining the 'Cruise''s Dave, Bill and Carmen in Lutz at 'The Breakfast Nook', and where is 'Krispy Kreme" stuck at a light at 5:15 AM behind the worlds most pollutant truck ... 197...something no back gate, dragging muffler, 5 different shades of dirt, but real nice guys. Pulled around to the next lane, asked if they knew they're muffler was creating a mini-lightshow while being dragged along the asphalt. "IT IS?!" the driver holla'd over his twin passanger. "Yep! I didn't know if it was accidental, or if it were a noble attempt at entertaining other drivers" I replyed ... "AH THANK YOU SO MUCH, I'LL HAVE TO RE-DUCT TAPE IT!" ............... (pause) ................. "re-duct tape?" i thought ... eh ..... okay. "NO WORRIES, BE SAFE!!" i shouted back.

15 minutes later i found myself at the front office doors at The JOY FM Sarasota. Ya know, its incredibly difficult to unlock and pull open a door when you're carrying 2 bags, extra car keys and a coffee (the essential drink of any crazy-early morning commute). Opened up the Station, situated myself, contacted DB&C (Dave, Bill and Carmen) to check on time, and from there ... it was all uphill. Great first show! (from a producers point of view, everything went on without a hitch, IE: bill didn't blindside me with news and traffic and Carmen didn't request music on a whim, and music that wasn't out of reach ... luckily it was in reach ;)) So over all ... at 10:02AM, already being up for 6 hours and well into the work day i am:
  • Drinking my 6th cup of coffee
  • Producer 2 new Morning Show 'Promos'
  • Editing "As Heard" bits for the web
  • Creating some new JOY graphics
  • Producing 4 new "This is Your Music" sweeps
  • Catching MORE Coffee with Jayar
  • Riding my bike home in 2 hours

and then slipping into a coma (nap .... maybe)

so JUST 4 MORE DAYS!!! I'm so excited ..... (sarcasm)

I think i will post a picute each day to show the slow deterioration of this "Poor, White Radio Producer"

until next time,