Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Cruise 4 - Day 3

"HONEY!! WAKE UP!!" shouts my lovely wife, from the left side of the bed ... wait ... why is she standing on the bed ... AHHH!! THAT'S A GIANT SPIDER!! ...... that's right, another evening of hopeful sleep interrupted by the likes of 'Spencer the Spider'. Needless to say I did my husbandly duties and vanquished the 8 legged varmint to the outdoors. THEN back to sleep .....

*CALYPSO MUSIC* (i changed my alarm tones) SMACK! ... 5 minutes later *CALYPSO MUSIC* SMACK! ... another 5 minutes .... *CALYPSO MUSIC* - YAWN!*STRETCH ... its 4:15AM ... snoozed button twice .... mmm this morning .. i think I'll take a cold bath to wake up ... first off, that idea alone should prove to some that I'm not thinking too straight. Bad idea ... ya know another bad idea? leaving the bathroom door open so my cat (her name is stu - short for stupid) could join me ... *THUMP* she climbed up on the lip of the tub ... haha thats cute ... shes pawing at the waterrr AHHH OHMIGOSH!! SHE JUST FELL IN THE WATER!!! AND SHES NOT DECLAWED ...... that's right ... my sweet, beautiful, ridiculously curious and stupid (thus her name) cat joined me for me cold bath ... i have scratches on the tummy to prove it. What a way to start the morning.

Woke Elisha up about 10 minutes before having to leave the house. She has to take me in to the Station this morning .. because she needs the car (we only have 1) .. I think she's awake (she didn't hear the commotion of the near death experience i encountered in the bathroom). We arrived safely to our destination, and here i am again 2 bags, an extra set of keys and a mug-o-coffee, trying to open the door ... my wife sat and laughed at how silly i looked ... i do what i can to humor her.

DAY 3 of THE SUMMER CRUISE with THE MORNING CRUISE!! Everything went off without a hitch, a well trained and learn-ed producer such as myself knows how to handle certain situations, especially under pressure ... wait ........ where Chuck Whittakers traffic report .... its not .... in the email ... wait ... THIS IS NOT IT!!! .... i downloaded the wrong file .. what should have been the 6:25AM traffic report to notify our lovely listeners of the goingons of the roadways ... was Willie Nelsons - On The Road Again ...... seriously Kris .... seriously?


Rest of the show was awesome, Franny (Francesca Battestelli) did a great job entertaining the crowd as well as seemingly inviting vacationers from Denver to join her this morning ... wow that's impressive ... and now? It's 10:40AM, Leslie the Latte' Lady has come to my rescue with a delicious brew of Starbucks Breakfast Blend (5th cup) and a "non-frosted" pop tart.

  • Morning Cruise Promos
  • Summer 09 Imaging
  • Producing Music Beds
  • Play catch with Jayar?? (tentative)
  • Worship Practice
  • Cycle with Jacob
  • SYTYCD with the Wife ....... mmmmm best part
Till Next Time Friends,

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  1. Hey, Kris! Firstly, I want to say WELCOME! to blog spot! I have been blogging here for a while now, Its nice to see a fellow christian (and christian Retreat--er) on blogspot. Your blog is great, im sure it will be a hit, concidering everyone just loves you. you are more than welcome to read me blog, and I'll be reading yours. And once again, welcome and awesome job so far :)