Monday, July 20, 2009

Wait ... You Did WHAT?!

well ... kinda ... if you like the waking up before the sunrise, driving in a monsoon and avoiding the pillars of electric hell we call Lightning, kind of mornings ... then yes ... it was soo more than beautiful!

So after an extremely eventful week last week, filled with dancing, playing music and falling out of ceilings ......wait ......... haha ok hold up ... i DID just say falling out of ceilings ... ok here's how that goes

If you didn't know, my wife Elisha, is an amazing dance choreographer (modern, jazz, ballet .. you name it ... she'll own it!) .. ANYWAY so by association and well ... marriage ... i have now been dancing for 3 years now and love it ... BUT ... some of the things she creates ..... are ....... RIDICULOUSLY SCARY AND LIFE THREATENING!!!

*cough* ... ok ... I'll set the scene....
She has choreographed a modern/acrobatic piece to "Skillet - Rebirthing" ... great song, good message .... the choreography is intense just like the song, fast paced and challenging (mia michaels your heart out ... or .... not're good too).
With less than 2 weeks to learn the choreography and perform it ... oh AND finish it ... it was a little stressful, but nonetheless the week of the performance, the choreography was done, the dancers were done learning it, perfected the moves ... but something was missing ... "hmmm .." thought my lovely, creative wife "what could it possibly be missing .... "OH!!! I GOT IT!! We Need Acrobatics!" ... she seemed to muse

ok ... I'm not a huge acrobat ... actually i can just do a small amount of tumbling ... but thanks to some of our friends who helped out and who were able to seriously tumble the mess out of that choreography (in a good way) .. the acrobatics was pretty dern good! "It still needs something else" she thought "What if Jared (our serious tumbler friend) uses a net hanging from the ceiling, and Kris and Jesus (Hey-Zeus) repel out of the ceiling, upside down and in grey stretchy fabric sacks ...." ........... there was a long pause after this statement in which i serious thought about my life, and the importance of safety ... and who would get my possessions if i died ........ "Sure why not!" .... came spewing from my mouth! .. WHAT?! WHY DID I SAY THAT!! I HATE HEIGHTS!! .... oh no!

SO HERE WE GO!! UP INTO THE CEILING ... wait ... ok ... if you are unaware of how to and what repelling is .... its simple really ... you fall from a high point (cliff, roof, window, ceiling) while attached to a rope, and hope you don't die ...

So now I've found myself inside a church ceiling 40 feet off the ground, playing Spider Man by climbing through the rafters ... attached to something called a "safety tie" .... no gonna lie to you ... it looks just like a thicker shoestring with a knot in it .... it's now holding my full 150Lbs .... I'm dangling ..... I'm sweaty, I'm shaky, I'm anxious, I'm scared ..... i think ...... yep ........ i just pee'd (not really)

skip ahead 2 attempts ... one in which i wasn't really secured by my harness and could have died but didn't and another where I forgot i was still "clipped in" to the secure line and lowered only to get snagged 5 feet out of the ceiling and yelling "OH DEAR GOD!! TAKE ME NOW!" ....was ... fun (I guess)

but it showed me what I wouldn't do for the love of my life ......

would you fall out of a ceiling, scared out of your mind ... with half .... pee'd in pants (not really) ..... for the love of your life ;)

BTW .... just a thought on a different note:
We aren't really anything special, i mean yeah .. we're made uniquely ... but really ... we're nothing truly special. Maybe not even a *blip* on the map of eternity ... but ..... haha and its a big but (no puns intended in the typing of this thought) .... Job 38:4-7 "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements, surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it? On what were its bases sunk, or who laid its cornerstone" .... foundations of the earth? ... I can't even lay concrete foundation on my driveway by myself ... and i certainly can't stretch my hand, arm, body .. as it's measurements ..... I'm kinda small .....but God ... who holds the universe in the span of his hand (Isaiah 40:12 - btw in Traditional Jewish terms .. the "span" of that hand is 9inches ... so ..... yeah ... the universe ... isn't even as big as ruler to God ... that's BIG)

Until Next Time

Friday, July 10, 2009

Corporate Krispy!


It's 11:20AM on Friday morning, this week .... Corporate was here .... with guests.
Corporate being President of RTN Networks, Jim Campbell and his guests Dothan, Alabama's HIS Radio 94.3FM.

Last Friday .. received the information that Jim Campbell and guests were coming next week ... The called for attire is this ... "Dressy" .... OK hold up ... I'm a 20 something Floridian. All i know is Floridian wear (tank tops, shorts and flip flops) ... needless to say my wardrobe was not what Jim was looking for ... SO i picked my self up a "Thin Fit" small white and small grey pinstriped button up shirt and also a pair of skinny dress pants ... black and grey ... and of course I had to "GQ" it up and got some matching vests .. needless to say (as my wife puts it) I gave Brad Pitt a run for his money (i wish i had his money hah)

So there I was ... Monday morning ... I'm going to impress the Boss and his guests, make them stop in their tracks and say ... "Wow ... He's sharp" ... yep ... here we go. As i pulled up to the station a sense of confidence filled my heart, a level of professionalism exuded from each step i took towards the door ... today is a new day ... today shows a new Krispy ... as i walked through the door i could feel the gasps of my fellow coworkers ... a gasp shouting "HE LOOKS GREAT" ... *enter record scratch here* ... nope ... that wasn't the gasp i thought it was ... it was just a preparation for the upheaval of laughter that echoed through the halls as TODAY ... wasn't the day ... it was the following day ... and the one after that.

See what had happened was .... i got my days mixed up ... and here i was dressed to the T's in my monkey suit ... and everyone else is chillaxing it up your typical and ever so comfy "Floridianwear" ... with my Skinny dress pants, my Thin Fit Button up tightly tucked in layered with a form fitting matching vest .... i ..... was .... SO UNBELIEVABLY UNCOMFORTABLE!!

SO NOW, here i stood, Monday afternoon, untucking, tearing off, undressing (OK maybe not that last one) this uncomfortable outfit and looking frantically for anything .. AH YES!! My running shorts and a work polo ... boy ... did i feel like a winner .. and quickly i went from "Chic" to "Simply bummin'" .... needless to say for 3 straight days i dressed as if i were interviewing for the "Sexiest Men" issue of People Magazine! And did everything i usually do in my "Floridianwear" in this new "GQ"wear:
Loading and Unloading Station Vehicles
Voice Tracking
Sorting Promotion Items
Towing Dave's truck eventually finding myself underneath it trying to cut the tow rope from the car and realizing i have five gallons of sweat up and down my body ... along with gravel and dirt from the road.


i ruined one of my monkey suits .... i didn't look so chic anymore ... i looked like a kinda halfway dressed up grease monkey (I'm allowed to use the term my dad is a grease monkey ... and i am to .. to a degree)

so here i am ... Friday morning wear jeans, t-shirt, flip flops and my favorite hat .... mmm i love my job ..... sometimes ;)

ALSO ... on a completely different note, I've been reading Romans lately and its brought some serious questions in my heart .... The Jews thought themselves a holy people, entitled to their privileges by right, while they were unthankful, rebellious, and unrighteous. But all who acted this way no matter which nation, age, and description, must be reminded that the judgment of God will be according to their real character ...

it made me think ... we act this way when we let our beliefs and convictions over shadow the service and responsibility God has entrusted us with to not only further his word and love but also to visually show this beautiful but fallen world what the savior really looks like .... has nothing to do with being holy or privileged .... but has everything to do with how justly and humbly obey Christs commands.

Just a thought



Monday, July 6, 2009

Hey Name Was Stupid

Just after Elisha and I were married and back from our honeymoon, we visited her parents house to find it was filled with adorable kittens .... well being the pleasing pushover husband i am, we grabbed one for ourselves.
"What should her name be?" Elisha asked while driving down the bumpy Myakka road. "Hmm" I thought "what about ... Kitty Face?" ... " YEAH!! THAT'S PERFECT" she seemed to squeal.

And from that day on it was kitty heaven .... really? ... kitty heaven ..... Heck NO! She was terrible!Consistently for a year and a half she Pee'd on ever sheet we owned tore up ever inch of carpet separating the kitchen from the hallways, it seemed every week she was in heat, When 10:00PM hit .. it was as if she became a wild animal hell bent on running upside down on our couch and jumping up and over and around as fast as she could and even ... throwing up/pooping/ peeing in our laundry. This behavior, built up in me an annoyance for this cat ... to the point where everyday i would walk in and lovingly say .. "hello stupid cat" ... "heeyyy stupid" ... "well good afternoon stupid" ... and thus .. the name change ... from "Kitty Face" to " Stupid" (later shortened to Stu)

After many conversations about Cat behavior/anxiety it came to our attention she was stressed out and partially because she was in constant heat. SO! We got her fixed ... and it was as if God himself had pity on us, she has been redeemed!!! No longer plagued by the demonic rampages of her youth, she has seen the light ... and ... is no longer crazy and stupid ... i started falling in love with this stupid cat (I'm not a cat person if you couldn't tell)

Wouldn't you know it, in just a few months after her operation ... I'd fallen for this lovable, loving, caring, cuddling, hungry, hilarious cat ... but her name .. was still stupid. *DING-DONG* .. it was the Apartment maintenance man, "Hey uh .. just coming to check on the .... hmm y'all have a cat" (i guess we didn't catch the pet fee) ... couple days later we're hit with the notice of the "Pet Fee" .. $250.00 plus a monthly fee ... totally worth it for Stupid IF we weren't moving in Sept.

After much deliberation, prayer, contemplation, begging, crying and yes even sniffling .... we ........... are giving ...............Stupid ...................... away until we move!!! Our newly beloved cat Stupid, is staying back where she was taken from ... the bumpy Mayakka road as all so unnerving as my wife and I drove our some what of a very furry and rambunctious child to her new home. Tossing memories back and forth, "Remember that time she got caught in the fly paper?" to "Remember when she used to sneak into our room in the morning and tear our feet to pieces" :.( *SIGH* ... what a somber evening that was .... and an even more unsettling morning ... when as we leave to go about our day ...... there is no "WATCH OUT FOR THE CAT!!" or ... " HONEY WHERES THE LASER POINTER, THE CAT WON'T GET OUT OF OUR BEDROOM!" .... just ...... silence .......... and the faint view of her white and black cat hair strewn about our maroon rug ......

If you have a loved one ... that you can't stand to be around, talk to, live with, or just plain want to kill ....... just get them neutered or spayed, that's what we did ... and i fell in love with Stupid