Friday, July 10, 2009

Corporate Krispy!


It's 11:20AM on Friday morning, this week .... Corporate was here .... with guests.
Corporate being President of RTN Networks, Jim Campbell and his guests Dothan, Alabama's HIS Radio 94.3FM.

Last Friday .. received the information that Jim Campbell and guests were coming next week ... The called for attire is this ... "Dressy" .... OK hold up ... I'm a 20 something Floridian. All i know is Floridian wear (tank tops, shorts and flip flops) ... needless to say my wardrobe was not what Jim was looking for ... SO i picked my self up a "Thin Fit" small white and small grey pinstriped button up shirt and also a pair of skinny dress pants ... black and grey ... and of course I had to "GQ" it up and got some matching vests .. needless to say (as my wife puts it) I gave Brad Pitt a run for his money (i wish i had his money hah)

So there I was ... Monday morning ... I'm going to impress the Boss and his guests, make them stop in their tracks and say ... "Wow ... He's sharp" ... yep ... here we go. As i pulled up to the station a sense of confidence filled my heart, a level of professionalism exuded from each step i took towards the door ... today is a new day ... today shows a new Krispy ... as i walked through the door i could feel the gasps of my fellow coworkers ... a gasp shouting "HE LOOKS GREAT" ... *enter record scratch here* ... nope ... that wasn't the gasp i thought it was ... it was just a preparation for the upheaval of laughter that echoed through the halls as TODAY ... wasn't the day ... it was the following day ... and the one after that.

See what had happened was .... i got my days mixed up ... and here i was dressed to the T's in my monkey suit ... and everyone else is chillaxing it up your typical and ever so comfy "Floridianwear" ... with my Skinny dress pants, my Thin Fit Button up tightly tucked in layered with a form fitting matching vest .... i ..... was .... SO UNBELIEVABLY UNCOMFORTABLE!!

SO NOW, here i stood, Monday afternoon, untucking, tearing off, undressing (OK maybe not that last one) this uncomfortable outfit and looking frantically for anything .. AH YES!! My running shorts and a work polo ... boy ... did i feel like a winner .. and quickly i went from "Chic" to "Simply bummin'" .... needless to say for 3 straight days i dressed as if i were interviewing for the "Sexiest Men" issue of People Magazine! And did everything i usually do in my "Floridianwear" in this new "GQ"wear:
Loading and Unloading Station Vehicles
Voice Tracking
Sorting Promotion Items
Towing Dave's truck eventually finding myself underneath it trying to cut the tow rope from the car and realizing i have five gallons of sweat up and down my body ... along with gravel and dirt from the road.


i ruined one of my monkey suits .... i didn't look so chic anymore ... i looked like a kinda halfway dressed up grease monkey (I'm allowed to use the term my dad is a grease monkey ... and i am to .. to a degree)

so here i am ... Friday morning wear jeans, t-shirt, flip flops and my favorite hat .... mmm i love my job ..... sometimes ;)

ALSO ... on a completely different note, I've been reading Romans lately and its brought some serious questions in my heart .... The Jews thought themselves a holy people, entitled to their privileges by right, while they were unthankful, rebellious, and unrighteous. But all who acted this way no matter which nation, age, and description, must be reminded that the judgment of God will be according to their real character ...

it made me think ... we act this way when we let our beliefs and convictions over shadow the service and responsibility God has entrusted us with to not only further his word and love but also to visually show this beautiful but fallen world what the savior really looks like .... has nothing to do with being holy or privileged .... but has everything to do with how justly and humbly obey Christs commands.

Just a thought



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