Thursday, August 27, 2009

Caller #827

.... No real verbiage needs to be typed .... just enjoy the video ... in its entirety

Looking for Caller 827 from The Morning Cruise on Vimeo.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Little Things In Life

I'm still a young guy, at age 26. I can still remember nights of "Fort" making in my bedroom/livingroom ... using up all of the sheets in the closet to create the "inpenetrable walls" of my imaginary fortress. Ah yes .. those were the days .. when we were content with cardboard boxed as space ships and broken branches as machine guns in the front yard.

It was the usual kind of Friday afternoon .. driving home from The JOY FM studios in Sarasota, contemplating what my wife and i should do for that evening. "Is it a quiet evening? Maybe cook up some rice, cut some veggies and roll out some sushi?" .. or "Maybe we can run down to the Beach coast and chill out there .. maybe listen to some music, dance on the shore as the sun is setting ..." hmm it got to be a little difficult .. and talking back forth to my wife .. we were stumped. A moment of silence came between our "backandforthness" ... Elisha:"Ok .. what do YOU want to do honey?" .. jokingly I belted out as if transposed back to my 7yr old body "A FORT!!!" ... " LET'S MAKE A FORT!" ... one of the biggest, cutest smiles I've seen my wife give came across her face. "YESS!!!" and so began the conquest of Fort making for the evening ... and it was ..... amazing!

From the start ... it was an adventure. Using barstools and bo-staffs to prop up the sheets ... chip-clips and safety pins to hold the sheets together .. the couch became the anchor of our sheet fort masterpiece. 100 Calorie Kettle Popcorn, Pink Lemonaid smoothies and I believe Zuccini/Squash Alfredo Pasta with Grilled Chicken were served under the Fortress of Sheets ... watching Disney's Herculies and The Emporers New Grove .. laughing .. alot .. cost? - $0 .. Planning? -0:00 .. it was simple .. sweet .. different .. and that night we slept ... well ... she did. I was awake .. watching her semi-smiling face .. thinking "why is it so hard to just enjoy all that God has given us NOW in this life ... the simple things .. the things that just, even briefly, bring you to smile" .. it's easy to complicate things .. it's easy to over do things .. but alot of times .. even in the simple things .. it's enough!

so built a fort tonight .... and maybe even next week ... HAVE FUN!!

Till next time,


Monday, August 17, 2009

To Sweat or not to Sweat!

Ok so picture in your mind the perfect church "Contemporary Worship" service. Great songs being sung by an exuberant congregation, to an ever present, ever compassionate, ever Holy God! ... now ... picture the perfect worship leader ... Acoustic guitar in hand, great voice, great song composition .. unwavoring band ushering the congregation in a worship experience before the throne of God ..... (side note: If you were unaware before .. I myself am a worship leader. Backed by a great band, back up singers and a great congregation ... i've been told i can sing well, been told im excellent at guitar and EVEN been told im pretty good at leading the congregation) ... ok so what im getting at is ... put ME in that picture of the worship leader .... now .............. gaze at the picture posted ----->

Do you see that giant dark stain on my shirt? ....................
Do you happen to know what that is ? .......................
Yep ............

THATS SWEAT!!! .... A GIANT SWEAT STAIN!!! ...... (twice the size of my head ... and not pictured is another thats just the size of my head)

How humiliating to be infront of a big congregation leading them into an experience with God, giving Him praise for everything He has done in their lives ... and noticing all the while ... that ..... their worship leader (ME) .... HAS A COLOR CHANGING SHIRT! .... haha needless to say, after packing what might be the largest papertowel wod ever under my arm pit to absorb the sweat ... we got back up on stage at the end of our pastors sermon to lead the congregation once again in hymns and songs ....

wow ... that's all i gotta say for that picture

until next time!