Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Heart Healthy Husband

Ok so .. I LOVE to cook .. for serious
The last few weeks, while my wife is starting back up with school and teaching dance classes, i've been the chef in house! In all honesty .. it's like an adventure

The first night i was a little timid. I cook, but not enough to create a "Food Network" type meal. Well i was thinking low fat, low calories, tasty, easy, all natural. All of a sudden this meal popped in my head! ... and it's pretty easy!

2.5 All Natural- Low Fat - Low Cal- Chicken Kielbasa
2 cups Sauerkraut
1/4 cup lite Brown Sugar
2 Baked Apples

Let the Chicken Kielbasa thaw a little bit and cut it into slices .. with some fat free veg. oil let sit on the stove top on Med. Heat

Cut up your apples in to small wedges and lightly coat them with brown sugar, then slice up your pineapple (don't get canned) bake in oven @ 350 deg for 20 minutes or until brown

In the meantime while your chicken is cooking, make sure you leave it longest once its first in the skillet ... THAN flip to cook through both sides ... after its cooked enough throw in the Sauerkraut and fold in with Chicken

after your apples and pineapples look ready throw those in to the mix as well ... drizzle a little honey some more brown sugar and your good to go!

btw .. its only 320ish calories per serving ... yeah! ITS AMAZING!!

ANYWAY .. after my wife came home with the most precious look on her face, that literally made me smile ear to ear ... she devoured that meal ... probably one of her favorites!!

SO ITS SIMPLE ... you should do it too! (for your wife/husband)

oh btw.. not so fat/calorie friendly dessert ... toasted crossant with marshmellow fluff and dark chocolate ... cut crossant in half, fill with flush break off a peice of chocolate in the crossant ... back in oven at 350deg for 15 minutes ... AMAZING!!

What ideas do you have?!

Until Next Time,

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