Thursday, September 17, 2009


*Insert “The Jefferson” soundtrack here*

Some things come to mind when describing the 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment my wife and I accupied these last 2 years of marriage:

  1. Number 1] It WAS cozy, but after the years of collecting “Family”, “Memorable” things … it’s not so cozy

  2. Number2] Converting the living room into a secondary storage area did not make life easier (nor neat)

  3. Number3] Although the excitement of moving into a 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom/upstairs/downstairs townhouse is a bit overwhelming … we’re gonna miss our first place

There’s something about this place (our first place – we’ll call it One-zee) ..There’s something about One-zee that was inviting and cozy, and memorable and a little tear jerking thinking of the absence of him/her/it/whatever .. BUT One-zee brought a lot of great amazing memories .. our first Christmas, New Year .. well just every holiday that we spent together .. (the whole time ;)) some not so good times .. an argument or two .. the time Elisha fixed really bad pancakes (not cooked all the way through) .. I tried to sneak throwing them away .. I got caught .. and it was never about the Pancakes .. plus we laugh about it now ;) *SIGH* … yes even the adoption of our (kinda) cat STUPID .. or Kitty .. depending on what she’s doing.

But .. I say all that to say this … even the solid things we have (home, life, love) are forever changing .. and as they do .. you move on , adapt, pray, follow, and obey … We’re excited about this new chapter of our lives and in all seriousness .. we are embracing it with united arms and looking at this adventure as a chance to be a closer family, better husband/wife, and follower

and we are truly TRULY blessed with even just this roof over our head …

not to be lame but I’m going to wrap this up with a simple prayer

God thank you first off for absolutely everything you have given us Lord .. even the things we’ve gone through good/bad to bring us to you .. as Elisha and I follow you let us not be selfish/arrogant/chastising/flippant about the love, life, grace, mercy, justice, sacrifice that you’ve given us so undeservingly … and allow us to justly represent you wherever we are … its all yours AMEN

Until Next Time,

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