Wednesday, September 30, 2009


OK if you don't remember (or if you don't want to scroll down a bit and read my post about stupid ... link here) my wife and I's cat (named Stupid) was placed in the loving hands of my father-in-law for a few months as we try and reorganize life and our moving situation ... well almost 3 months later and the little rascal is finally home. But this time, seeing as how we now have 2 floors, a stair case, a patio and wood floors ... not quite sure she's used to it.

I'll set the story up like this. Yesterday afternoon, after cycling home from The JOY FM studios, I walked in to our lovely new home with an even lovelier wife smiling from ear to ear. Now my first thought was "Aww YAY! She's sooo happy I'm home!" ... that was apart of it ... BUT the other part was along the lines of

ELISHA: " I called my dad and he's bringing Stupid home ... is that OK?"
ME: "When did you call him?"
ELISHA: (looking out the window) "AWW YAY SHE'S HERE"
ME: "Wha?"

And pulling up in the ever identifiable Red 15 passenger Chevy Van, was her father John ... with the cat. Was I ready for this? Did i prepare the house enough to have a cat? What about her litter? What about the stairs? Will she climb the stairs? If she can't will she pee down stairs on the wood floor? etc etc.

All of the questions and concerns left the moment her cute little black and white spotted face poked out of the 'cat carrier' ...

Anyway ... to wrap this up kinda quick, we took her upstairs first to get better acquainted with the 2nd floor ... it took her about an hour to actually come down the stairs ... the moment her paws hit the wood floors was a bit interesting too ... it was like ICE! ... all that to say ... In all honesty and masculinity, I'm not only happy that my cat Stupid is home ... but I'm extra happy ... that this made my wife's day yesterday ... and probably this morning when Stupid climbed into bed after i got out ... and snuggled right up next to her.

Until Next Time,

BTW ... Side note ..... check out this Vid from The Morning Cruise

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