Monday, October 12, 2009


Something happens only twice a year at where I work (The JOYFM) … Now the place in which I do work (The JOYFM) is a non-for-profit Radio station that has been around for the good part of 20 years, and are supported by the listeners …

SHARATHON! Is the vehicle used by the radio station (The JOYFM – I like putting it in parenthesis) Sharathon allows the listeners to call in and pledge however much money they would like to contribute to help not only keep the lights on at the radio station but also to help with events like “T-Shirts for Turkeys” – in which we help supply local food pantries and homeless shelters with Turkeys for Thanksgiving to help feed homeless/needy families over the holidays (also: Bike Ride for the Homeless, 20 Wishes ect) ….. I say all that to tell you … I have survived this past Sharathon … and it was … stressful, exciting, nerve racking, anxious, faithful, crazy, and just amazing.

To watch all of it unfold, was uncanny in and of itself … BUT it wasn’t the unfolding part that I learned something … it was in the end, after everything was done and I was left alone the very last day to produce “Thank You” Spots and “After Sharathon Imaging” … Things happen in ways that we expect them and in ways we DON’T expect them (duh!) … but that’s sometimes harder to maintain that thought in times of question and uncertainty. We lean on certain ideas and assumptions that ultimately give us hope but … are as unsteady as the ocean is to stand on.

The end of DAY 5 was that ocean wave for me … here we are supposed to be wrapping up Sharathon, but instead we are down 30% of our goal and it’s not promising any more gain at all. So as if dogs with their tails between our legs, we agreed to do ONE more day … that was hard for me. Like a lot of people these days, I’ve been burned by Christianity, Christians, Preachers, Evangelists … (the list can go on) and there’s a part of me that automatically puts up a wall … well this is the way I feel about asking for money (the tail between the legs analogy is appropriate) If God doesn’t give it … I won’t ask for more … but you learn new things sometimes

I KNOW God provides for His children, but what does that look like … we ASSUME it looks like a house, a job, a wife, a car, a lot of money, a Sharthon (you get the idea) … in this case, it was being humble and humiliated (in a good way) enough to say … “you know what, it’s ok that we didn’t succeed in the time WE had planned, but WE know God is bigger than whatever we plan … so GOD, please provide” … and He did … it was humbling, humiliating, exhilarating, and just God. There I sat, after a 12 hour day editing Imaging to say “Thank You” to all of those people who gave their own money to help with what God is doing with and through The JOYFM … and all I could think was, He continuously provides for His children, although completely undeserving of His grace and mercy, but none the less … provides to what he knows they need … in my case, it was humbling myself to ask … and I did

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