Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And On The 7th Day ...

It seems that everyday there is an overwhelming feeling of .... YAWN!! Why am I so tired all the time? Hmm ... I think I have an issue with work. Not so much working, or even working here (The JOY FM) ... but rather "overwork". I fully believe God created us (amongst a lot of things) to work!

  • The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work… (Genesis 2:15)
  • Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, holy to the LORD. (Exodus 31:15)
  • In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.(Proverbs 14:23)
  • So I saw that there is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his work (Ecclesiastes 3:22)
  • If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. (2 Thessalonians 3:10)
- excerpt from The Resurgence

So yes ... God created us to do work, AND I LOVE TO WORK!! I really do, I work hard, put my all into whatever project it is and strive to make whatever it is I'm doing EXCELLENT ... but that usually leads to me overworking myself and literally having NO REST!!

Every morning seems the same:An uncomfortable waking up ... then a rewarding and slightly mischievous hit of the "snooze" button ... but generally a LONGING to rest. The average American works 60hrs a week according to Business Week Magazine (Compared to 50hrs a week in 1996). There seems to be an increase every decade or so, in the amount of weekly hours worked ... 1986 - 40/hrs 1996 - 50/hrs 2006 - 60/hrs Appx 2016 - 70/hrs? 2026 - 80/hrs?

...... I myself tend to go between the 1986 and 2006 numbers often.

I'm becoming more and more aware of the importance of healthy and sanity to REST ... to keep this
"7th Day", Sabbath Day ... and observe that I am quite frail and in need of the reminder of redemption.

Redemption ... hmm, it's a great thing to rest on.

Until Next Time


  1. When it comes down to honoring the sabbath or a sabbath, just remember what our Lord commands us, "to be still and know that I am God" Look around at Gods work at hand and just listen to nothing. You will be surprised at what you hear!

  2. Sometimes in our effort to rest, we end up doing more...I have a hard time sitting on my hands....even at church on Sundays if it's the only ''off'' day we have, I am exhausted! You do need a day of nothing but quiet,reflection, and ''getting away" once in a while....then you can come back to work/projects with renewed vigor and appreciation!

  3. That is SO true Chrissy! I find myself, at times, unable to do NOTHING and just sit and be ... I always have something to do ... either with music/work/graphics ect. ALWAYS something ;)