Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Can Slap You From Here If Need Be

Growing up I LOVED Sports. I was totally into baseball, soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee and just about anything active! (btw ... I was the KING of PowerBall - Baseball with racquet's) Since I've been married I've plateaued at around 10lbs heavier. This isn't bad .. surprisingly a lot of people won't shut up about how skinny I look (I hide my weight in my pockets). BUT I'm just not satisfied with where my body is. So for the last year or so I've made a conscious effort to become more active. Running 4.5 miles every other day or so, cycling to work in the morning and even on occasions tearing it up on the Ultimate Frisbee field (don't kid yourself ... I'm a mad Ultimate guy)

In the process of running, I started out literally running down to the stop sign up the street and back. Then I gradually ran/panted to the next stop sign and walked back ... it was a difficult process and at times I seriously thought I was going to pass out .. I was never going to be active again. And I had terrible habits (still do sometimes) I would run a short run of about a half mile for 2 days and then take the next 5 days to "recuperate" ... after a while I started increasing my run to about a mile, then a mile and a half ... then one day I decided to run the length of the Jimmy Eat World "Clarity" album ... 70 minutes ... would you believe I only ran 3 miles (that's 2 mph .. 1 mile every 23minutes)

Finally after some long needed discipline I've been able to work myself out to a 2-3 time a week 4.5-5 mile run (consistent) and I've felt more fit, more active and more myself than I have in quite a few years (still tearing up the Ultimate Frisbee field every now and again)

After looking at this lack of discipline in my active life, I couldn't help but look at it in a spiritual context. In our walk with God and living our life out through His grace, mercies and Son's example and propitiation, we find ourselves at times being without disciple .. or little there of. We know that WE ourselves cannot do a thing to achieve and be proven FOR God's salvation, it's something He's given to us through His son and by His son shows us His heart is gracious and merciful and after justice .. but the more we discipline ourselves to serve selflessly, to read His word and STUDY (cultural relevance, church history, apologetics, ect) but also keeping ourselves sensitive to the Spirit of Christ, in the times where we cannot finish .. He will, in the times we feel " seriously thought I was going to pass out .. I was never going to be active again" He tells us to come and sit.

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  1. Good post. Maturity is simplicity on the far-side of complexity, duty on the far-side of love and discipline on the far-side of freedom.

  2. Balancing all of that is where discipline comes to be important ... teetering on a far side tend to flip the boat! Thanks Bill