Thursday, March 25, 2010

Red Sox = Red Face?

"Rest at Night
The Sun from shining,
Nature—and some Men—
Rest at Noon—some Men—
While Nature
And the Sun"

That last part was me ... but the rest was a lovely poem by the great Emily Dickinson.

SO! Yesterday my friend Jayar and I went to take part in some good ol' fashion Baseball! America's past time with the Boston Red Sox Vs. Pittsburgh Pirates. So there we were, Jayar with his Blackberry "tweeting" the games going on's, and me reading a great book on GREAT radio .. with a highlighter. Both of us enjoying the stadium and the surrounding Bostonites yelling "GO SOIX!! GO SOIX!!" (that's my best at trying to TYPE an accent) Through the 5th inning, it looked like Boston was going to take it 5-1, so we chilled out a bit .. got a drink and slowly trotted back to our bleacher seats. It had already been 2 hours and some change by then and we still had about 2 or so innings before we were going to attempt to "beat the traffic". So there we were 2 innings later packing things up and realizing ... "Hey, we didn't put on any sunscreen" ... We didn't think much about it, until we got into the car and were headed back to work ... there, our eyes started to adjust and we realized that JUST the right sides of our faces were soar (we were seated on the third base line) .... made it into the station bathroom and BEHOLD! ... THE RIGHT SIDE WAS CHARRED! (a slight over dramatization ... but still) ... which ended up, throughout the rest of the day, being mocked, touched, "eww"ed at and even "whoa"ed at a handful of times ...

So remember kids ... no matter what you're doing outside. Check the UV index and apply sunscreen accordingly ... or it will end up being your SUN-SCREAM!! ...- super lame joke

Until Next Time

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