Thursday, April 1, 2010

If I Were A T.V. Character

I'm not much of a T.V. guy ... but one thing my wife and I both LOVE doing is (when we have the time) to play "catch up" on some of our favorite shows while eating ice cream/pizza/smoothies/insert portable food item here ...

During one of our "Catch up" times ... I went through my top 4 characters on T.V. and WHY "If I Were A T.V. Character" I would most likely be one of these 4 ...

They are as follows ...

Micheal Weston -
First off ... he's a spy! That's stinkin awesome right there. But behind the tough exterior he has a warm heart, and knows his way around a bomb/gun/knife/tough guy stuff ....

Shaun Spencer -
HAHA! I love Psyche ... this is one of those shows that no matter what my wife and I are doing we seriously belly laugh at some of the episodes. My wife says that I act like Shaun every now and then ... usually the random "on-liners"

Manny (Modern Family) -
This kid is a healthy equation of: old school romantic X's analytical thinker / latin roots!! Seriously .. for being a prepubescent character ... he's aces! "Can we stop calling me little guy? I'm in the fortieth percentile."

Richard Castle -
This show is a surprising favorite of mine ... anytime there's a new episode on Hulu or, my wife and I are slightly giddy and anxious to finish what we're doing, throw on the PJ's and rustle up some pseudo healthy grub for this show! My wife (as well as some close friends *cough*) are convinced my mannerisms and short attention span are perfectly reflected in Castles character ...

I guess the question is ... If I WERE a T.V. character ... which one would I be?

Until Next Time


  1. Well, not sure. Maybe a mix of all of them. Putting you into an imaginary TV character is a hard call......
    Good thing you already know what food item you'd be! :P

  2. HAHA! It always comes back to the donut jokes doesn't it!!

  3. kris, i LOOOOOOVE CASTLE!!!! looove it! it's what i look forward to on monday nights...he's so adorable and i can't wait for him hook up with you know who...and i looove modern family!!! i can't watch it now because of american idol but when ai is over i'll continue...