Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Mix Tape


I remember back in Middle School/High School I used to make mix tapes (mix discs) of my favorite songs ... (the occasional "date-mix" was made as well) ... So I thought, why not introduce some of my favorite NEW and USED tracks to you! ... Mix Tape style! HERE WE GO!

Mix Tape #1

The Light Meets the Dark   -              By: Tenth Avenue North
Tenth Avenue North - All The Pretty Things
"we run, we run to find will we be set free ... but we're fighting for what we've already received"
T.A.N.'s new album "The Light Meets The Dark", set to drop May 11th 2010, features a 5th cut called "All The Pretty Things" ... an AMAZING well done song and a redemptive story that sometimes we as Christians forget and try to "run" past - Click here to HEAR (sorry YouTube quality)

Poema - Safe To Say
A pair of singing sisters, who instead of writing songs against each other, rather encapsulate real
"Pride and Prejudice" moments for the helpless romantics. With sweet plucking of the piano strings and a lovely accordion addition, this song is .... adorable
"you don't have to pick the pedals of the daisy to know that I'm crazy about you baby there is no maybe ..." - Click here to HEAR

Gungor - Beautiful Things
Micheal Gungor has been one of the most "under the radar" leaders in the worship world. This new album is stinkin' RADiculous (yes ... I used rad and ridiculous ... "rad-iculous") This song embraces a very progressive sound and engages the listener in a wonderful crowd of chord choices .. it's gorgeously epic, and embracing the beautiful creation God created ...
"You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of dust" - Click here to HEAR

Johnny Cash - There Ain't No Grave
First of all ... It's Johnny Cash. My personal opinion is, like a fine wine, he got better with age. His biblically laced songs embrace such a remorse for choices but adheres to God's promised Grace. But his rendition of this Claude Ely penned song ... is crazy good
"I see a band of angels and they're coming after me ... ain't no grave can hold my body down"
Click here to HEAR

David Bazan - Hard To Be
Bazan has always been one of my favorite singer/songwriters .. his ability to write a story while bombarding you with questions of faith/love/friendship is amazingly poetic. You get a taste of a little "church burn" in this cut, but the hope of being a better person is the overall point, no matter the road
"It's hard to be a decent human being" - Click here to HEAR

The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine
A Christian songstress (Joy Williams) collaborating with an artist and song writer (John Paul White) is bound to make some good music. If you're at all a "Grey's Anatomy" fan you might have heard it and fell in love with the song, or just a fan of good, sultry, slightly depressing folk ... than you will LOVE this cut off of The Civil Wars first EP
"Your hands can heal, your hands can bruise ... I don't have a choice but I still choose you"
Click here to HEAR

Well that about does it for the first "Monday Mix-Tape" ... tell me what you think?! If you like it, I'll keep introducing you to NEW and USED music :)


  1. ipod's gonna have a party wednesday! thx gina! (p.s. don't you wish this comment were from a stranger that came across your blog? sort of like family showin' up to your party, it's expected but it's more of a surprise when others who are invited to the party, ppl. u'r not sure will show, show up...)

  2. Kris! I made sooo many mix tapes back in the 80's......maaaan I am getting old... But, ummmmm, I was hoping for a little "hear-see" or something for all this!!!

    Never heard of these bands,I would so love to get a mix tape from you....LOL.

    Leslie, seems I am the only commenter lately...I feel the same about my blog. I get folks from all over the world, and not many comments.....maybe its me???? oh, but not you Kris, really.....;)