Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Krispy Vs. P90X - The Beginning

So this whole things is rolling out from a little encounter my wife and I had before going to bed the other night. I'll lay it out for ya.

Everybody has their own bedtime rituals, whether it be hot tea/brush teeth/bed - or Episode of Castle/brush teeth/bed.
My wife and I were going through our routine, she was brushing her teeth as I was robotic-ally plugging in my cellphone and taking off my glasses on my side of the bed ... As I was coming around the corner ... I noticed she was starring at me (I thought it was sweet until I REALLY knew what it was). When I realized why she was starring at me, terror struck my face ... and as if I were in a teen-slasher movie and I was said teen ... I shrieked out " YOU'RE STARRING AT MY BELLY?!" .... she started laughing hysterically (still while brushing her teeth ... she's got talent)

The next few minutes were spent DRAMATICALLY (and completely in play) whining about the idea that my wife thinks I'm getting fat. Now my wife is fully aware that I like to keep myself in shape. I run and cycle often as well as engage in some healthy doses of the "Ultimate Frisbee" (which by the way .. I rule at) So I know that when she stares gawkingly at my "not so chubby" belly, shes looking out for me haha .... I hope.

This whole "Hee Haw" episode that unraveled as we were getting ready for bed reminded me that I've been wanting to RESTART my P90X challenge ... and DO IT RIGHT! ... so ... here we go. Through the next 90 days (starting June 1st) I'll chronicle the progress and on goings of this David and Goliath ... this Joe and the Volcano challenge haha ... but yeah. I'll keep you up to date, and attempt to help YOU have the courage to do it for yourself!

Until Next Time

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rebuild, Restore, Rejoice

A city scape built of 2 person tents, a myriad of tarps strewn about wires ... this makes up a community covering of some of Nashville's homeless. It's been dubbed "Tent City" and it could very well be applauded as a city within a city. Appointing it's own Mayor, adhering to community rules and literally building a family/network of people supporting one another to transition into better lives ... Tent City

It's been a week and some change since the "1000 year flooding" of Nashville, taking with it the shelter of Tent City. 120+ homeless men, women and children literally becoming EVEN MORE homeless, after the flooding consumed the community harbouring underneath a Nashville highway.

Sometimes when people see the word "HOMELESS" 2 things happen: 1) either they are put off almost immediately, barking about "just get a job", "they made their beds", "lazy" ...ect. 2) Help ... When my wife and I left for India, December of 08, we didn't expect to see the magnitude of depravity and homelessness ... Coming home to the states, we were able to see that the need isn't just THERE but HERE as well. So we put on a "BBQ For The Homeless". Excited about the opportunity, we had people wanting to help, but when it came down to ACTUALLY helping ... we were left with 7 people ....... 7 people to show LOVE, COMPASSION, COMMUNITY, and HOPE to a subculture often times forgotten.

Tomorrow (Thursday May 13th) from 3:00-7:00pm at Lifeway Christian Store in the Brandon Town Center (directions here). The JOY FM's Morning Cruise will be collecting TENTS, TARPS and SLEEPINGBAGS, as well as GIFTCARDS (Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target) to Rebuild Tent City! So stop by tomorrow to show Tent City the LOVE, COMPASSION and COMMUNITY of Christ. Don't wince at the idea of helping, or throw money at them and pat yourself on the back ... BE the help and hope to these people by YOUR donations!

Until Next Time,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Mix Tape

May 10th

Here are some of the BEST NEW and USED tracks to you! ... Mix Tape style! HERE WE GO! VOLUME 2!!

Audrey Assad - For Love of You
First off having the pleasure of this upcoming artist was amazing. Real, fresh, honest and vulnerable ... not to mention EPIC pipes and witty lyrics ... Take a listen

Dave Barnes - God Gave Me You
This guy has talent and personality coming out of ears ... If you look in his resume you'll find: constant tweeter, Vlog phenom, stand-up coming and epic romantic song writer. Known for previous songs "Until You" and "On A Night Like This" ... he's earned his right to swoon the burliest of people HA! ... "God Gave Me You"

The Killers - When You Were Young
I've been a Killers fan since "Hot Fuss", it's catchy, introspective and dancable rock and roll, but we did this song "When You Were Young" as an introduction song to our church (The Bridge) youth group study on "Relationships" ... and it was right on, catchy + introspective + dancable ... take a listen

Passion - Our God
We (The JOY FM) started spinning this single shortly after the release of Passions "Awakening" CD ... This song is (in my opinion) another "How Great Is Our God" .. and ANTHEM of the greatness of God "Our God is great, our God is stronger, God You are higher than any other, Our God is healer .. awesome in power!" ... Check out this cut, don't be afraid to shout!

WELP! That should about do it for this months "Monday Mixtape" .. check out Aprils!

Do you have a Mixtake suggestion? .. maybe a song that you just can't get out of your head?!
What is it?!

Until Next Time,


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Live In A Lemon

Let's start this blog off with a small desclaimer ... I'm not whining nor complaining about the place in which my wife and I call home ... and scene

So my wife and I moved into our 2 bedroom 2.5 bath townhouse in September of 09. In November we noticed that at the peak of our upstairs ... the carpet was soaked and our A/C wasn't working correctly. Called our landlord about it, and a day or so later the small puddle at the top of our stairs was sopped up and the drainline from our A/C unit was blownout and fixed!

December our Garbage disposal wigged out on us, and decided not to allow any water down the drain. I did all that I personally could have done to try and correct it myself, but not being a plumber ... it was limited. So dialed up the landlord (God bless him) told him our issue and low and behold it was covered. Day or so later, awesome repairman comes by and assessed the issue ... which then turned into issues ... he was able to see that the problem want' JUST in the disposal and the pipe but in the dishwasher (who would have thought that right? ... well ... a plumber I guess) ... spent a few hours correcting the problem and with a hardy handshake was done and out of there!

Everything was fine over Christmas break ... BUT. Halfway through January our plumbing decided to get clogged .... in the bathroom NO ONE USES!! (insert epic suspence music here) I, again, attempted to fix the problem with my unlimited knowledge or plumbing art ... and the internet, and to no avail. So called the landlord and like clockwork ... a day or so later, here comes the cool handyman guy with this HUGE scary looking plumbing thing (that's the technical name for the tool btw) and fixed the problem (at least for a little while)

For the next month and a half things were good ... we enjoyed our townhouse. Windows open, letting the lovely cool air circle through the house. Baking cookies (and pizza) often because it fit with the mood of the house! It was such a wonderous time in our house, I wouldn't have been surprised if spring lillies starting sprouting from our living room rug!

April came ... and ... and ... We decided to get an indoor pool, well kinda. One morning, in the wee hours before heading to work, I mosied downstairs to get ready and to check on the cat (stupid). When I saw (forgive the graphicness of the next comment) a hairball in our sun room area. As I walked closer ... I noticed said hairball ... was FLOATING! Our water heater exploaded during the night and filled an area of about 12X8 with water about 3 inches high. Probllem. So as I calmed the wife and told her it would be ok, I just need to call the landlord, we proceeded to go on with our day. Called the landlord, and later that day A PLUMBER! (I'm seeing issues with plumbing) As I swept the water our of the area and cleaned the tile, the plumber set up a new water heater, hooked up some new breakers that blew and headed out!

May 3rd, it had been a week and a half ... with no A/C. Something happend to our A/C. We've changed out our filter regularly. We are carefull with when we use it and when to open the windows (electricity ;)) So we were baffled when it was 90degrees in our home. Called the landlord ... PLUMBER!! (seriously these guys do everything) Assessed our 15 year old A/C unit was out of some kind of cold gas ... went to pick some up and hooked us up ... FIXED!

I've been joking with my wife, since moving in, that our house doesn't like us. But in all of these mishaps and inconvieniences it's shown us, young married inexperienced couple, how to handle things with better care, how to be responsible with your living conditions and how to adapt .. and not complain ... My wife and I are STILL unbelievably greatful for our home, problems and all!

Until Next Time,