Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Krispy Vs. P90X - The Beginning

So this whole things is rolling out from a little encounter my wife and I had before going to bed the other night. I'll lay it out for ya.

Everybody has their own bedtime rituals, whether it be hot tea/brush teeth/bed - or Episode of Castle/brush teeth/bed.
My wife and I were going through our routine, she was brushing her teeth as I was robotic-ally plugging in my cellphone and taking off my glasses on my side of the bed ... As I was coming around the corner ... I noticed she was starring at me (I thought it was sweet until I REALLY knew what it was). When I realized why she was starring at me, terror struck my face ... and as if I were in a teen-slasher movie and I was said teen ... I shrieked out " YOU'RE STARRING AT MY BELLY?!" .... she started laughing hysterically (still while brushing her teeth ... she's got talent)

The next few minutes were spent DRAMATICALLY (and completely in play) whining about the idea that my wife thinks I'm getting fat. Now my wife is fully aware that I like to keep myself in shape. I run and cycle often as well as engage in some healthy doses of the "Ultimate Frisbee" (which by the way .. I rule at) So I know that when she stares gawkingly at my "not so chubby" belly, shes looking out for me haha .... I hope.

This whole "Hee Haw" episode that unraveled as we were getting ready for bed reminded me that I've been wanting to RESTART my P90X challenge ... and DO IT RIGHT! ... so ... here we go. Through the next 90 days (starting June 1st) I'll chronicle the progress and on goings of this David and Goliath ... this Joe and the Volcano challenge haha ... but yeah. I'll keep you up to date, and attempt to help YOU have the courage to do it for yourself!

Until Next Time


  1. I will start this along side with you and maybe we can motivate each other and hold each other accountable.

  2. which work-out/DVD did you start with today? Are you useing the bands or the dumbbells?