Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rebuild, Restore, Rejoice

A city scape built of 2 person tents, a myriad of tarps strewn about wires ... this makes up a community covering of some of Nashville's homeless. It's been dubbed "Tent City" and it could very well be applauded as a city within a city. Appointing it's own Mayor, adhering to community rules and literally building a family/network of people supporting one another to transition into better lives ... Tent City

It's been a week and some change since the "1000 year flooding" of Nashville, taking with it the shelter of Tent City. 120+ homeless men, women and children literally becoming EVEN MORE homeless, after the flooding consumed the community harbouring underneath a Nashville highway.

Sometimes when people see the word "HOMELESS" 2 things happen: 1) either they are put off almost immediately, barking about "just get a job", "they made their beds", "lazy" ...ect. 2) Help ... When my wife and I left for India, December of 08, we didn't expect to see the magnitude of depravity and homelessness ... Coming home to the states, we were able to see that the need isn't just THERE but HERE as well. So we put on a "BBQ For The Homeless". Excited about the opportunity, we had people wanting to help, but when it came down to ACTUALLY helping ... we were left with 7 people ....... 7 people to show LOVE, COMPASSION, COMMUNITY, and HOPE to a subculture often times forgotten.

Tomorrow (Thursday May 13th) from 3:00-7:00pm at Lifeway Christian Store in the Brandon Town Center (directions here). The JOY FM's Morning Cruise will be collecting TENTS, TARPS and SLEEPINGBAGS, as well as GIFTCARDS (Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target) to Rebuild Tent City! So stop by tomorrow to show Tent City the LOVE, COMPASSION and COMMUNITY of Christ. Don't wince at the idea of helping, or throw money at them and pat yourself on the back ... BE the help and hope to these people by YOUR donations!

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  1. I have a homeless ministry in Brandon and happen to have an abundance of other items like hygiene products. Would those be accepted at Lifeway tomorrow as well?