Wednesday, June 16, 2010



It’s common to find my nose in the fold of a theology book. Whether it be apologetics, church history or the latest Mark Driscol book … I love reading. Even more so I LOVE knowing things, truths about my faith … not suggestive beliefs or assumed non-biblical “life” lessons.It’s this want/desire to know the truth that sometimes finds itself as my
“stumbling block”.

If there is a practice that isn’t biblical I used to have a tendency to dismiss those particular people, but then my frustrations would grow and I wouldn’t just dismiss the people but the group … not only the group, but the church … not just the church, but the faith. My frustrations of
“how come people can’t see the truths I SEE!” grew to the point where my own opinions and discernments about the Truth of scripture became the “canon” on to which I would either accept or dismiss … It’s my self-righteousness, that put me in a position of false piety and conceitedness. Just because I read a few dozen books on theology and doctrine … doesn’t mean I get to be a jerk about it.

There will always be crazies in religion, in Christianity … But neglecting the crazies and looking at the differences in churches like the churches Paul wrote to in confidence, in guidance, in love … they will be different in practices/convictions/ideals but its the common thread of “Love God, Love others” that knit our differences into a fabric of faith.

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