Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Music Matters ....

A little background info for you real quick.
When I was 15 my step-dad bought me a set of drums, spent all night learning the "4 On The Floor" ... my life was changed from there.

Music has always been an outlet for me. Awe sometimes comes over me when I'm struck with the sound of good music, chord structures or over all feel of the environment. SO of course, coming to the knowledge of my salvation in Christ ... I chased the opportunity as a worship leader.

This July will mark my 8th year leading worship. In the 8 years I've been doing this there have been MANY denominational flavors, and theological understandings and misunderstandings. (Thank God for Charles Surgeon's view on "searching" scripture "No man who merely skims the book of God can profit thereby, we must dig and mine until we obtain the hidden treasure")

For some time now I've been contemplating the historical/cultural/biblical relevance of MUSIC as worship. I had been tossing around the thought that it's turned into an idol (in some ways, to some people ... maybe it has) but I read 2 articles on modern worship and its leaders ... I can't tell you how refreshing it was ... let me break down some bullet points.

  • If we have a gathering with killer music but no truth, we have a pointless gathering

  • People draw much of their cultural identity from the style of music they listen to

  • The songs that we sing need to not only have the ability to stir affections, as long as it is shows our people who God is or who we are in light of him

  • If the songs we play are only true, but not singable, memorable, or enjoyable, our people will be far less likely to have their hearts stirred by the truths we are presenting

  • When we gather to sing, the “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” are the means by which truth is prompting people to respond

  • God has made music a powerful tool. As a body of believers we can communicate, memorize, express, and emotionally connect with truth through music in ways that no other medium allows

  • We have one target in mind, and all band members should be shepherded to aim there together, to Him

  • If we have to work in the confines of music and all the cultural baggage it brings, we must also take advantage of the cultural benefits.

Music as a medium is one of the most powerful tools to express the emotion, grace, mercy, truth, salvation, heart of God ... "To worship Him in Spirit and in Truth" - some denominations emphasize one more than the other, but the idea of MUSIC allowing the truths of scripture to become a real revelation to the hearts of Christ's followers, for me .... is something I will from now on embrace!

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