Monday, September 13, 2010

10 Ways To Get Over “Bloggers-Block”

First of all, let’s define “Bloggers Block” a little better … It isn’t at all like writers block. See writers usually have a topic of writing and in that particular scope of topic, they can then stem through the variances of that topic. Bloggers Block is the “brain-fart” of blogger topics … Unless you have a blog COMPLETELY devoted to Cross Training/Cooking/Music Reviews ect. … than you’re probably blogging about life … sometimes life, has “brain-farts”. Here are 10 ways to get over that “Bloggers Block” while also finding 10 ways to kill time while you have said “Bloggers Block”

1. Two Cups of Coffee, your favorite 80’s dance song and a Flip Vid (or any video recorder) … After about 2 cups of coffee you should be wired enough that when that kickin’ 80’s dance tune comes blaring through your iTunes … you’re going to want to video tape that … and then post it as a blog, and how much you regret doing that … but *huph* it’s entertaining

2. Stand in the corner of your office, completely quiet … just observing the rest of your co-workers ….. and when it’s been about 10-15 minutes, scream at the top of your lungs and blog how some people don’t like spontaneity

3. Write 1 line of a song on 100 post-it notes and put them all over your body … then dance around like a maniac until all of them are off you but 1 ….

4. Watch an episode of Psyche on and compare Shawn Spencer’s wittiness with that of your boss, and contrast and compare …. It’ll take about 45 minutes, plus it’s HILARIOUS!

5. Offer to make everyone burgers for lunch, go out and buy tofu burgers … grill em, decorate em … then watch as people’s expectations are destroyed at the mere taste of tofu … then you can blog about how appearances can be deceiving

6. Talk to yourself

7. Depending on your field of employment, disengage yourself from your work and from thinking of “what to blog” and practice magic tricks on people you work with … and completely botch the mess out of them … but be persistent … make sure they don’t leave when you mess up the rings trick for the 5th time

8. Pronounce all Th’s, Ch’s, Sh’s as the first consonant sound … ie: Th = T, Ch = C or K … then become agitated when people are unable to understand you … again, just as #1 have you’re video recording device readily available.

9. Wear track running gear into your morning meetings and in the middle of the “download” … excuse yourself for a morning run … then run around your offices (indoors) … stressing the importance of a healthy body, healthy work environment creates a more productive day!

10. Last but not least …. Find something that inspires you, google it, research it … take a look at it from different angles, take your time studying it, learn to hate parts of it … and by the time you’ve rummaged through whatever it is that inspires you … you’ll know more about yourself and more about what to tell others!

OK! NOW! …. Go … and Blog Block no more! …. Keep in mind 1-9 are really just for fun, but truly … you can blog about that!!

Until Next Time

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