Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Mix Tape

July 12th

Here are some of the BEST NEW and USED tracks to you! … Mix Tape style! HERE WE GO! VOLUME 3!!

Hillsong - Forever Reign
From the newest Hillsong release "A Beautiful Exchange" .. this song (Forever Reign) is one of the most memorable and emotive ... Musically - fantastic, Lyrically - edifying, worshipful, Christ-centered ... seriously one of the best cuts on this disc!

Andy Zipf - Our Voice Is A Weapon
Im a HUGE Andy Zipf fan, and since the release of this small (but epic) EP ... I can't stop listening. A Folk/Americana gem musically, hints of Dylan/Petty/Young style vocals and lyrics ... seriously amazing (also check out his "The Cowards Choir" EP) It was either between "Our Voice" ... or "Like A River" ... anything this guy touches musically, needs to be given a good ear to listen.

Joy Williams - We Mapped The World
Joy might be known for her AC Christian music ... but I hope more so for her ability to craft a ridiculously good song! She has a lot on her plate right now, with The Civil Wars and releasing EP after EP of seriously amazing Folk/Pop songs ... this girl is on a mission (or so it seems) ... We Mapped The World (off of the EP of the same name) is SUCH a great cut. With Fiest and A Fine Frenzy-esq sounds ... a sweet beat to accompany the music ... and her voice ... I'm not sure if there is one I could equate it too ... she's amazing!

David Crowder* Band - Shadows (Acoustic)
After the release of "Church Music" in 09' DC*B has changed (in a way) the face and sound of modern Christian music ... which is good! The album goes through these mountainous emotive tones, from high and perky to borderline industrial dark ... one of those cuts "Shadows" was re-done on "Summer Happiness" EP (which is an acoustic EP of songs from "Church Music") ... The acoustic rendition of this song is AMAZING! It's not so much dark, the industrialized pieces are still present but the sound and feel of the song changed ... and in so ... has become a little more beautiful than I had expected.

WELP! That should about do it for this months “Monday Mixtape” .. check out Aprils and Mays!
Do you have a Mixtake suggestion? .. maybe a song that you just can’t get out of your head?!
What is it?!

Until Next Time,

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