Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Tri-fecta!

Well ok … here’s an attempt to tackle 3 things in 1 blog:

1. Beard – Some history for ya … Since my Freshman year of college at Southeastern University, I’ve ALWAYS had a “5 o’clock Shadow” …. Always. That’s roughly 7-8 yrs of always have a constant “Shadow”. Well, I’ve tried many-a-time to grow out my facial manliness … but at times … IT’S TOO ITCHY! HA! I know I sound like a wuss when I say that .. but really .. it itches ah! Plus my wife isn’t a fan of the beginning stages of beard growth .. it’s “prickly” she says … and I don’t blame her … SO! Im on week 3 of not shaving .. I’m past the itching stage, onto the “Why is my mustache hair growing into my mouth” stage … not my favorite … because I’m finding myself tonguing around the corners of my mouth and the top of my lip … it feels like I have a piece of food stuck to my mouth, constantly .. but I’m excited .. Here’s a vid of the progress … and no worries I’ll have updated info as we go … not sure how long this road will travel but so far … its kinda fun!

2. Diet – I’m going to take you back to my senior year of High school. It went something like this. 140-150lbs. at the beginning of the year 200ish by the end of the year … I was 200lbs. easy my last semester. When I went off to college (SEU – pre “5 o’clock shadow”) I was self-conscious about myself, my weight and just things in general. So through the first semester I was really just trying to get used to this “new” body. I didn’t get used to it … so I dropped 60lbs the last semester … A LOT of working out with friends and, in some definitions, starving myself … it wasn’t healthy. I eventually ruined my metabolism. I would eat small SMALL portions and I would/could feel my body responding negatively .. it was slightly depressing … So I slowly (over the course of 6 years) worked my way to eating right, eating better, working out, becoming healthy … I believe now im at a point where I am the healthiest I’ve ever been. 3 days a week a run 3-4 plus miles, cycle, eat healthy(ish), and am constantly active. BUT for some reason there is a constant “tire” around my midsection that is stubborn enough to stick around through 1 round of P90X, mile after mile of running, and constant activity … so I’ve decided … its my diet. My morning consists of coffee and more coffee … my lunch is either pigging out on pasta, pretzels, tuna or chicken salad sammys … dinner is usually late (8-9-10) and its sushi, pizza, pasta haha (we don’t have a lot of $$ to BUY healthy foods) … maybe if I eat more fruits, veggies, chicken, fish, and natural foods … I can burn this tire off …. Yeah.

3. My Wife – well this one is a bittersweet writing. My wife is an exceptional dance and choreographer. This is her first year at USF. She graduated from State College of Florida with her Associates, and is pursuing a bachelors in Dance. Her passion has always been dance and more recently the teaching of its beauty. If you know my wife and I, we’re ridiculously close. Best friends, lovers and we aren’t without each other for more than a handful of hours. We live in Bradenton, and she commutes every morning to USF’s Tampa campus. The courses are incredibly hard, and have been challenging her in every part of her dance. Maybe the most challenging thing has been her absence. I know this might seem sappy, but I love my wife dearly. We’ve been married for 2 years, which I know is infant to some, but I don’t feel myself without her there (even in the heated times hehe J) While she wakes every morning with me and I drop her off to carpool with some school mates, or I leave the house to cycle into work. She also, on top of this schooling, works at a local dance studio and teaches 5 classes. So Monday through Thursday she leaves the house at 7 and gets home around 9:30. I commend her for her commitment. And its just like me to encourage her as she pursues this love, this dream. It’s a bittersweet commitment we’ve started. We will see it through to the end and the moment she walks across that stage, all of the frustration from school assignments, heartsickness, lazy day moments of just laying on the couch because that’s the first time in the week we’ve been able to just BE … will be worth it!!

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