Monday, August 17, 2009

To Sweat or not to Sweat!

Ok so picture in your mind the perfect church "Contemporary Worship" service. Great songs being sung by an exuberant congregation, to an ever present, ever compassionate, ever Holy God! ... now ... picture the perfect worship leader ... Acoustic guitar in hand, great voice, great song composition .. unwavoring band ushering the congregation in a worship experience before the throne of God ..... (side note: If you were unaware before .. I myself am a worship leader. Backed by a great band, back up singers and a great congregation ... i've been told i can sing well, been told im excellent at guitar and EVEN been told im pretty good at leading the congregation) ... ok so what im getting at is ... put ME in that picture of the worship leader .... now .............. gaze at the picture posted ----->

Do you see that giant dark stain on my shirt? ....................
Do you happen to know what that is ? .......................
Yep ............

THATS SWEAT!!! .... A GIANT SWEAT STAIN!!! ...... (twice the size of my head ... and not pictured is another thats just the size of my head)

How humiliating to be infront of a big congregation leading them into an experience with God, giving Him praise for everything He has done in their lives ... and noticing all the while ... that ..... their worship leader (ME) .... HAS A COLOR CHANGING SHIRT! .... haha needless to say, after packing what might be the largest papertowel wod ever under my arm pit to absorb the sweat ... we got back up on stage at the end of our pastors sermon to lead the congregation once again in hymns and songs ....

wow ... that's all i gotta say for that picture

until next time!


  1. Ok so one of my embarressing moments took place on easter sunday. As our pastor was closing out the service with a prayer, myself and the rest of the worship team was making our way on stage and getting ready for the last song which I was singing and playing the acoustic on. I was a bit nervous because the guitar was still kind of new for me especially singing and playing at the same time. So I put the guitar on but couldn't find my pick I had left up there so I scrounge around and find a replacement. The pastor finishes up his prayer. The beginning of the song is just me and the acoustic. Deep breath, ok, here we go, I strum the first note and much to my surprise as well as everyone else packed into the sanctuary, a horrible screach comes out. I was very confused and pretty embarressed and after a few seconds that seems like minutes, I realized that the pick I had been searching for prior to playing was actually wedged in the first fret which lead to the horrible screach. So, I removed the pick, took another deep breath and started over. All went well the second time, but man o man, that'll get your blood pumpin. To this day, I always do a pick-check just to make sure :)