Wednesday, February 17, 2010

40 Days .... Day 1

Waking up this morning was more of a chore than it has been in the past. See, today starts DAY 1 of the 40 Day all water challenge for Blood Water Mission ( This is also the 2nd year we (The Morning Cruise and I ) have decided to partake in this effort to make aware the needs of clean water to most of the world. It seems at times to be a trivial way to express your desire to help, but truly … you don’t know how much you abuse until you’re without the things you depend on.

Case in point, since I was 17 I’ve literally had at least a cup of coffee or more a day. Working as much as I do, I tend to get caught up in the working I’m doing and ignore the fact I haven’t had my much needed “Cup-o-Joe”. By 10:00AM (if I haven’t had my coffee) I’m riddled with migraines.

I’m not sure I would go far enough to call it a fast, but rather a sacrifice (some would argue that’s what a fast is … and I would beg to differ) But knowing that what we (those who are participating in the 40days) are wanting to do is sacrificing our comfort ability to make aware a real need for those who are in the most need. I heard it said the other day that “We’re the rich people (Americans), when you read the Bible, don’t read it and say ‘I’m not rich, I have a bus pass’ or ‘I live in an apartment’ … it beats the tarps/sheds/huts/boxes MOST live in … We are the rich, we are the fat consumers of the world and the most struggling among us still live at a very high level compared to most in the world.” The responsibility of knowing is something that’s a blessing and a curse … with ignorance, there’s no responsibility, but when you become aware of something … you are now held responsible. If I hadn’t known a friend of mine had been burdened over the statistics of sex trafficking, I’d never had been burdened myself. When I knew, I felt it.

This is the joys of living the Christian Life, compassion. Not for any specific group, religion, race but for all mankind. The idea of the good Samaritan was that no matter WHO you are, or WHO they are … if the need is there, to meet it.

Regardless of how I feel about going without coffee, it pales in comparison to making you aware of the need for clean water … now that you’re here … read.

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  1. I'm doing this too! Mine's a little bit less extreme but a sacrifice nonetheless. High five's!