Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Cruise 4 - Day 1

*BUZZ* interrupted dream, i was fighting off Ninja Pizza Delivery guys, i would have won too if it wasn't for the alarm on my cellphone ... set for 4:00AM ...... WHAT?! 4:00 IN THE MORNING!? ... yes .... FOUR OH CLOCK!

This morning starts the first day of the fourth annual "Summer Cruise" with the Morning Cruise (the only cruise on radio apparently). This year Dove Award Nominee Francessca Battestelli is joining the 'Cruise''s Dave, Bill and Carmen in Lutz at 'The Breakfast Nook', and where is 'Krispy Kreme" stuck at a light at 5:15 AM behind the worlds most pollutant truck ... 197...something no back gate, dragging muffler, 5 different shades of dirt, but real nice guys. Pulled around to the next lane, asked if they knew they're muffler was creating a mini-lightshow while being dragged along the asphalt. "IT IS?!" the driver holla'd over his twin passanger. "Yep! I didn't know if it was accidental, or if it were a noble attempt at entertaining other drivers" I replyed ... "AH THANK YOU SO MUCH, I'LL HAVE TO RE-DUCT TAPE IT!" ............... (pause) ................. "re-duct tape?" i thought ... eh ..... okay. "NO WORRIES, BE SAFE!!" i shouted back.

15 minutes later i found myself at the front office doors at The JOY FM Sarasota. Ya know, its incredibly difficult to unlock and pull open a door when you're carrying 2 bags, extra car keys and a coffee (the essential drink of any crazy-early morning commute). Opened up the Station, situated myself, contacted DB&C (Dave, Bill and Carmen) to check on time, and from there ... it was all uphill. Great first show! (from a producers point of view, everything went on without a hitch, IE: bill didn't blindside me with news and traffic and Carmen didn't request music on a whim, and music that wasn't out of reach ... luckily it was in reach ;)) So over all ... at 10:02AM, already being up for 6 hours and well into the work day i am:
  • Drinking my 6th cup of coffee
  • Producer 2 new Morning Show 'Promos'
  • Editing "As Heard" bits for the web
  • Creating some new JOY graphics
  • Producing 4 new "This is Your Music" sweeps
  • Catching MORE Coffee with Jayar
  • Riding my bike home in 2 hours

and then slipping into a coma (nap .... maybe)

so JUST 4 MORE DAYS!!! I'm so excited ..... (sarcasm)

I think i will post a picute each day to show the slow deterioration of this "Poor, White Radio Producer"

until next time,



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  2. ok, after reading your entire blog...

    1. you should hire me to be your editor.

    2. did you see i brought some more kenya bold coffee in there?? could help you this week!

    3. wednesday i will join you and make you coffee. :)

    4. friday i will join you and make you some coffee. :)

    the end.