Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like Getting Pushed Into The Pool

As you could assess from my other blog posts, I tend to be a little bit of a "work-a-holic". It's not uncommon for me to overwork myself, drive (or bike) home to the wifey, and veg next to her while she does her French homework. But there are those times, in between the stressful expectations of work, that I are as refreshing and as unexpected as being pushed in the pool.

Yesterday my wife and I set some time aside to drive to the mall (while belting out some old school Further Seems Forever) and see if we couldn't utilize some of the gift cards we accumulated over X-mas and my birthday. As we walked around the mall, trying on clothes and having mini-fashion shows in the dressing rooms, I was strangely refreshed. Just to have the time to relax, take off the stress of the work day and CREATE memories with my wife, was more rewarding than any ounce of "veg" time.

To continue the day I found out that my guitar is ready to be picked up (after 7 months). Jim Gaffigan DVD was only 5 bucks, and we just receive 2 MORE gift cards (I did some graphic design work for) that would pay for a dinner we had scheduled with some GREAT friends later in the night...

I was shown the importance and simplicity of being "refreshed" ... just taking the time to be a husband to my wife and a friend to my friends.

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